• Linguistics



I. Introducing language

  • Definition of language: arbitrary vocal symbols…

II. Design features of the language

arbitrariness: no logical connection
-creativity: produce new sentences
-displacement: removed from immediate situation

III. Functions of language

i. Jakobson: 6 functions

  • Addresser—— emotive
  • Addressee—— conative
  • Context —— referential
  • Message—— poetic
  • Code—— metalingual
  • Contact—— phatic

ii. Halliday: 3 metafunctions

  • Ideational function: organize, understand and express


  • Interpersonal function: communicative acts
  • Textual function: relate

iii. Functions in textbook

ØInformative function
ØInterpersonal function
ØPerformative functionØEmotive function
ØPhatic function
ØRecreational function
ØMetalingual function




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