I. Criteria for evaluation of language study:

  • Exhaustiveness: all relevant materials &
  • Consistency: no contradiction
  • Economy: short
  • Objectivity

II. Main branches of linguistics

ØPhonetics ØPhonology ØMorphology ØSyntax ØSemantics ØPragmatics

III. Macrolinguistics

ØPsycholinguistics ØSociolinguistics ØAnthropological linguistics ØComputational linguistics

IV. Important distinctions in linguistics

  • Descriptive/Prescriptive: facts/rules
  • Synchronic/Diachronic: at some point in time/through time

(difficult to draw a sharp line between this two aspects-why?)

  • Langue/parole: abstract linguistic system/actualized language (distinctions?)
  • Competence/Performance: ideal/actual realization

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